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Blog Home | September 18, 2014

United States Supreme Court Limits Ability of U.S. Research Universities to Secure Patent Rights

On June 6, 2011, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Board of Trustees of Stanford University v. Roche Molecular Systems that rights to patents developed under federal research grants are not automatically given to universities.  The case had been closely followed within the biotechnology community given the hundreds of billions of dollars generated by discoveries [...]

Mike Tyson’s Tattoo Artist Sues Warner Brothers Entertainment for Copyright Infringement over the Movie “The Hangover: Part II”

The tattoo artist, S. Victor Whitmill, who gave Mike Tyson a facial tattoo, is suing Warner Brothers Entertainment for copyright infringement over its use of similar-looking facial art on Ed Helms’ character in the movie “The Hangover: Part II.” Mr. Whitmill filed suit in Missouri federal court in April 2011. Mr. Whitmill asked for an [...]