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Blog Home | October 1, 2014

How Does Michael Phelps Do It?

The United States Olympic Swim Team has broken an unprecedented number of world records at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Leading the charge has been three-time Olympian Michael Phelps. The number of records broken is most assuredly a testament to the hard work and determination of these elite athletes. However, according to some observers, the increased [...]

USC Wins “SC” Trademark Dispute Against USC

With possible NCAA violations still looming for University of Southern California in regards to alleged compensation received by former athletes Reggie Bush (pictured) and O.J. Mayo, the university may have to forfeit past basketball and/or football games and titles, but it will not be losing its trademarked “SC” logos any time soon. On Friday August [...]

Are Those Oranges Really From Florida?: Certification Marks and Geographical Indicators

A Mercedes-Benz logo on the steering wheel of a new car or two golden arches on a box of french fries are certainly examples of popular trademarks, which identify the source of a good and also identify certain qualities and characteristics the brand has developed for that good. A small orange tree logo above the [...]

ALIVE – Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

United States Patent No. 7,404,462 (”the ‘462 patent”) issued on July 29, 2008 for a FUEL CELL ELECTRIC VEHICLE. Rising gasoline prices are acting as a catalyst fueling the debate over which form of alternative fuel will have a substantial effect on the automotive market of the future. Honda Motor Company recently launched its zero-emission, [...]