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Blog Home | September 20, 2014

USPTO Collaborates With the Technology Community to Source More Prior Art

One year has passed since the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) implemented a pilot program, named Peer-to-Patent (see video below), to improve the quality and efficiency of patent prosecution. Peer-to-Patent was developed by the New York Law School Institute for Information Law and Policy to allow the public to review patent applications and [...]

Alive: Change Up Pitching Machine

United States Patent No. 7,383,832 (”the ‘832 patent”) issued on June 10, 2008 for a CHANGE UP PITCHING MACHINE. Since 1897, baseball players and softball players have practiced by hitting balls that are thrown from pitching machines. Pitching machines have been improved along with the popularization of baseball and softball. These improvements are aimed to [...]

First Action Interview Pilot Program at U.S. Patent Office

Currently, over ninety percent of patent applications are initially rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Although many of these initial rejections result from an applicant prosecuting broad claims to “test the waters” at the USPTO, some believe the high number of initial rejections results from examiners missing the true nature of [...]

Famous Trademarks

A famous trademark is a mark that “not only is distinctive but also has been used and heavily advertised or widely accepted in the channels of trade over a long time.” Black’s Law Dictionary 8th ed. 2004. A famous trademark possesses a high degree of consumer recognition so that consumers immediately associate it with one [...]

Life of a Patent: From Application to Issuance and Beyond…

Before initiating the process of procuring a patent in the United States, it is important to understand the steps and the time frame of the process. Some of the major milestones in the life of a utility patent application and a general overview of what an inventor should expect are summarized below. (click on the [...]

Gambling on Horse Names: an Intent to Use “Big Brown”

After convincing victories at the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, Big Brown is now a 2-5 favorite to win at the 140th Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 7th. A win at Belmont would make Big Brown the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978, and with that honor also the most marketable thoroughbred [...]

Mr. Bill Capitalizes on IP Licensing

In 1974, Walter Williams created the clay character “Mr. Bill” in his living room and sent a short film to NBC’s new show of the time, Saturday Night Live (SNL). Shortly thereafter, Williams was hired as a full-time writer for the show, writing over twenty skits featuring “Mr. Bill” getting abused, battered, and/or dismembered by [...]

Trademark ‘Genericide’

A trademark suffers “genericide” when the trademark becomes used for all similar products or services, rather than just the product or service of a specific source. Familiar examples of genericized trademarks are Aspirin, Cellophane, Crock Pot, Dry Ice, Escalator, Pilates, Trampoline, and Zipper. Genericide typically occurs when the products or services with which a trademark [...]

Fashion Icon and Prolific Trademark Owner, Yves Saint Laurent Dies

On June 1, 2008, the fashion world lost one of its most prolific and influential designers, Yves Saint Laurent. He was seventy-one years old. During a career that ran from 1957 to 2002, Saint Laurent was largely responsible for popularizing pant suits and trench coats for women, pea coats, safari jackets, tight pants, thigh-high boots, [...]