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The Life of a Trademark

Before a trademark is registered, a trademark application gernerally pends twelve to eighteen months at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). At the USPTO, the trademark application will pass through three stages: (1) the examination process, (2) publication for opposition, and (3) notice of allowance. Examination of a trademark application takes place approximately [...]

A Look Back at Fifty Years of Change at the USPTO

The past half century has been marked with several major shifts in how the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) operates and examines patent applications for patentability. In 1966, the Supreme Court breathed life into 35 U.S.C. 103 by outlining four basic inquires for evaluating nonobviousness: (1) determining the scope and content of the [...]

Beijing 2008: Encouraging IP Enforcement

Since 1914, the Olympic logo, having five interlocking rings that represent five continents, has been displayed by the International Olympic Committee in each host country to promote the Olympic games. This summer, Beijing will have the opportunity to use the logo along with the Olympic motto and mascots (pictured above) to market and promote the [...]

Cashing in on MLB Rivalry

Rivalry in all sports sparks enthusiasm in crowds, on sidelines, and of course in pocketbooks of truly loyal fans. From college campuses to sidewalks around ball parks, vendors compete to sell team apparel that will catch your eyes and eyes of opponents. To cash in on this market, entrepreneurs who are looking to design the [...]

Baseball, the Chicago Cubs and Trademarks: Fukudome’s Potential

Ever since gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated as the savior for a Cubs World Series, Kosuke Fukudome has grabbed the attention of Cubs’ fans and the public alike. Hoping to benefit from the hype surrounding the Japanese all-star, the Chicago Tribune reports that the Cubs have considered trademarking several variations of his name. The [...]

Were the Appointments of 46 Patent Administrative Judges Unconstitutional?

The New York Times published an article regarding the constitutionality of the appointments of 46 Patent Administrative Judges by the USPTO Director to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI). The Patently-O Patent Law Blog has been following this issue for a while now. On April 16, 2008, Patently-O wrote: In 2007, Professor John [...]

Welcome to the New and Improved Inventor’s Rock!

We recently updated the look and feel of our website and our blog Inventor’s Rock. By transitioning to a new blogging tool called WordPress, we hope to expand on the type of content posted on our blog. For example, we hope to bring embedded videos to you like the following one on searching the USPTO [...]