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Blog Home | September 22, 2014

Google’s Summary Judgment Partially Overturned

On Wednesday, December 26, 2007, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit vacated part of a summary judgment granted to Google in a patent infringement suit brought against the search engine. A Wisconsin district court originally granted Google’s motion for summary judgment in the patent infringement suit brought by Hyperphrase Technologies. The suit [...]

Martha Stewart, Town Resolve Trademark Dispute

The long-running trademark dispute between Martha Stewart and the villagers of Katonah, NY has been resolved. The parties agreed to a compromise: that Stewart may only use the name Katonah in connection with furniture, mirrors, pillows and chair cushions. Stewart had previously desired to obtain protection in connection with home furnishings and accessories, indoor lighting, [...]

Alive: Thermostat with Touch-Screen Display

United States Patent No. 7,302,642 (“the ’642 patent”) issued on November 27, 2007 for THERMOSTAT WITH TOUCH-SCREEN DISPLAY. A lot of products have made the jump from manual (or analog), to digital, to one of the more popular technologies of this decade: touch-sensitive screens. First phones, then music players and now, thermostats. The ’642 patent [...]