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Blog Home | September 20, 2014

DEAD: Cellular Telephone

United States Patent No. 4,706,273 (“the ’273 patent”) expired on November 11, 2007 for a CELLULAR TELEPHONE. Recently, the City of Chicago instituted a ban on talking on a cell phone while driving a car. The goal is simple: to cut down on accidents and reckless driving to make for safer streets. However, if everyone [...]

New UPSTO Report Hints of More Efficient, Tougher Office

In its annual Performance and Accountability Report, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) disclosed that it had reviewed a record number of patent applications and trademark applications in fiscal year 2007. In total, examiners reviewed 362,227 patent applications and attorneys analyzed 323,527 trademark applications, both a record number. In addition, the average time from [...]

Fall Out Boy’s Copyright Mishap

Chicago punk band Fall Out Boy has seen its popularity surge over the last couple of years following the successful releases of its last two albums. In support of the band’s latest release, Infinity on High, Fall Out Boy embarked on its nationwide “Young Wild Things” tour. Unbeknownst to the band, the tour’s artwork, inspired [...]

Court Grants Preliminary Injunction to Block New USPTO Rules

On the eve of the effective date for the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) new rules regarding claiming and continuations practice, Judge James Cacheris of the Eastern District of Virginia issued a preliminary injunction to prevent the rules from going into effect. The main rule changes centered around limiting the number of continuations [...]