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Blog Home | September 16, 2014

Alive: Patent 7,218,226 for Acceleration-based Theft Detection System for Portable Electronic Devices

United States Patent No. 7,218,226 (“the ’226 patent”) issued on May 15, 2007 for ACCELERATION-BASED THEFT DETECTION SYSTEM FOR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES Apple product users are mindful of the fact that their portable electronic devices may be subject to theft. The invention described in the ’226 patent, issued to Apple, may help ease consumers’ worries. [...]

Google Sued for Trademark Infringment

American Blind and Wallpaper Factory, Inc. (ABWF) recently brought suit against Google for trademark infringement, alleging that Google violates trademark law by allowing ABWF’s competitors to purchase search terms covering ABWF’s trademarks to display their own advertisements. In April, a judge denied Google’s motion to dismiss the case, stating that ABWF produced sufficient evidence of [...]

Patent Reform Act of 2007 Suggests Major U.S. Patent System Reform

Introduced into both the Senate and House of Representatives on April 18, 2007, the Patent Reform Act of 2007 contains sweeping patent reform measures that, if passed, will lead to the U.S. Patent System’s most substantial overhaul in over 50 years. The major provision of the Act is to transition the filing system from first-to-invent [...]

Dead: Patent 4,657,515 for Swim Fin

United States Patent No. 4,657,515 (“the ’515 patent”) expired on April 14, 2007 for SWIM FIN. U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps recently hauled in seven gold medals (and set five world records in the process) at the 2007 World Championships, a feat that some say is the most impressive ever in swimming. Young swimmers look up [...]