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Blog Home | September 22, 2014

Alive: Patent 7,200,854 for Television Program Length Indicator

United States Patent No. 7,200,854 (“the ’854 patent”) issued on April 3, 2007 for TELEVISION PROGRAM LENGTH INDICATOR. “Tivo”, “DVR”, and “program guide” are a few terms commonly used today to refer to the home recording and viewing of television programs. Usually, when a user wants to record or view a television program, he or [...]

EMI to Remove DRM from Online Songs

In a move that could shape the future of online music sales, record company EMI announced on April 2 a deal with Apple that affords Apple the right to sell most of EMI’s song catalog via Apple’s iTunes store. What makes this deal unique is the fact that the songs offered for sale will have [...]

Patent Reform on the Way?

Small businesses are urging Congress to reform some of the current patent laws after warning that the U.S. patent system is broken. In speaking to the House Small Business Committee, Mitchell Gross, chairman and CEO of Mobius Management Systems, Inc. cautioned that the current system leaves small businesses in a position where they are afraid [...]