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Blog Home | September 15, 2014

Alive: Article of Footwear

United States Patent No. 7,080,466 (“the ’466 patent”) issued on July 25, 2006 for an ARTICLE OF FOOTWEAR. The ’466 patent is directed to footwear that takes up a minimal amount of space and may be made from a disposable material. The footwear is intended for two situations: 1) traveling; and 2) unfamiliar bathroom areas, [...]

DEAD: Breakdance Apparel

United States Patent No. 4,599,747 (“the ’747 patent”) issued on July 15, 1986 for BREAKDANCE APPAREL. Breakdancing is a form of dance that was born in the South Bronx of New York City in the early 1970s. The word “break” in breakdancing is believed to refer to the break in a song where dancers, referred [...]


A color trademark is a non-conventional trademark where at least one color is used to identify the commercial origin of a product or service. A color trademark must meet the same requirements of a conventional trademark. Thus, the color trademark must either be inherently distinctive or have acquired secondary meaning. To be inherently distinctive, the [...]

Can An Individual Inventor Beat Big Business?

Can An Individual Inventor Beat Big Business? The PROBLEM in the decision of Ebay v. MercExchange The ability of individual inventors to obtain permanent injunctions was placed in jeopardy due to the May 15, 2006 decision in the United States Supreme Court case of eBay, Inc. v. MercExchange, L.L.C. Prior to the decision, if a [...]


United States Patent No. 4,600,006 (“the ’006 patent”) issued on July 15, 1986 for a CRANIAL PERFORATOR. A brain surgeon uses a cranial perforator to drill a hole in a skull during cranial surgery. The hole is then used to remove fluid, provide a passageway for instruments, or allow placement of a cranial saw to [...]

ALIVE: Paintball Gun Reloading System

United States Patent No. 7,077,118 (“the ’118 patent”) issued on July 18, 2006 for a PAINTBALL GUN RELOADING SYSTEM. Paintball is a sport that involves opposing teams who try to eliminate members of the other team by shooting them with projectiles filled with paint (“paintballs”). Paintball guns use highly pressurized carbon dioxide or nitrogen gas [...]


United States Patent No. 7,073,426 (“the ’426 patent”) issued on July 11, 2006 for a SOUND SUPPRESSOR. A sound suppressor for a firearm suppresses both the sound and muzzle flash emitted by a firearm and is commonly referred to as a silencer. A silencer works by capturing the rapidly expanding gases that propel a bullet [...]


United States Patent No. 4,597,835 (“the ’835 patent”) issued on July 1, 1986 for a STILL and expired in July 2006. A still is a device that is used to distill a mixture of liquids by heating the mixture and cooling the evaporated components. Stills are most commonly used to produce perfume, medicine, chemicals and [...]

Inventor Builds Mobile Text Reader for the Blind

American inventor Raymond Kurzweil has unveiled a new mobile device (U.S. Patent Publication No. 20050286743) for blind people that reads aloud any printed text. Three decades ago, Mr. Kurzweil invented the first reading machine that converted text to speech. The machine was the size of a washing machine and cost tens of thousands of dollars. [...]


The space shuttle Discovery was launched on July 4th with several improvements in its design. The improvements were aimed at reducing insulation foam that could break off and strike the space shuttle during flight. In 2003, a suitcase-size piece of tank insulation foam weighing 1.67 pounds broke free and struck the space shuttle Columbia’s port [...]