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United States Patent No. 4,592,551 (“the ’551 patent”) issued on June 3, 1986 for a BOWLING BALL and expired in June 2006. To play the sport, bowlers throw a bowling ball down a lane in an attempt to knock down as many of the ten pins as possible, located at the end of the lane. [...]


United States Patent No. 7,064,259 (“the ’259 patent”) issued on June 20, 2006 for an electronic guitar training device. Electric guitars were developed to amplify the guitar’s sound so that audiences may hear the instrument over large brass sections. Players make music by playing chords, scales and riffs on their guitars. A guitar’s sound is [...]

Vonage is Sued for Patent Infringement by Verizon Communications

Vonage provides telephone services via broadband internet connections. They recently proclaimed themselves as “Leading the Internet Phone Revolution,” with over 1.6 million lines and having the largest market share in broadband telephone services. However, in early June 2006, Verizon filed suit against Vonage claiming that Vonage is infringing seven of its patents relating to internet [...]

Verizon Sues Vonage: Perspective of an IP Plaintiff

On June 19, 2006, two subsidiaries of Verizon Communications brought a patent infringement suit against Vonage in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, seeking an injunction and damages. Verizon sells a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service called VoiceWing, which converts a caller’s voice signals to packets of information then [...]


United States Patent No. 7,068,403 (“the ’403 patent”) issued on June 27, 2006 to Mitsuru Kitamura of Japan’s Dai Nippon Printing Company for a Computer Generated Hologram program. The ’403 patent pertains to a method of generating a stereoscopic image – an image that appears differently depending on the point from which it is viewed. [...]

The 500 GHz Processor

On June 20, 2006, IBM and Georgia Tech announced that they have successfully tested their latest semiconductor’s clock speed at a staggering 500 Gigahertz (1 GHz = 1 Billion Cycles per second). Compare this clock speed to the typical personal computers on sale today, which top out at around 4 Gigahertz (these numbers don’t measure [...]

DEAD: Automated Cornea Transplant

United States Patent No. 4,744,362 (“the ’362 patent”) issued on May 17, 1988 to Patrik Grundler of Switzerland for a DEVICE FOR TRANSPLANTING THE CORNEA OF THE HUMAN EYE. The ’362 patent employs a large machine that can quickly and automatically perform a cornea transplant with minimal human intervention. The machine includes an axis adjustment [...]

Recent Judgments Concerning Industrial Property in Argentina

Our foreign associate, friend and colleague, Dr. Mariano Municoy of Moeller & Co. in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been generous in taking the time to author an exclusive article for our blog. The article addresses recent and relevant judgments concerning industrial property in Argentina. Please click here to read. Thanks Dr. Municoy!


United States Patent No. 7,059,973 (“the ’973 patent”) issued on June 13, 2006 for a multiple material golf club head. Golf clubs are separated into woods, hybrids, irons and putters. Woods are used for longer low loft shots, which the ’973 patent relates to, but depending on your skill level, woods may yield inaccurate shots. [...]

DEAD: Tree Climbing Apparatus

United States Patent No. 4,595,076 issued on June 17, 1986 and is directed to a device used in combination with a tree stand for climbing a tree. The device has a rectangular plate and a bar that is attached to the front of the plate. A strap having evenly spaced holes is also attached at [...]