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Blog Home | September 15, 2014

A LIVESTRONG Trademark Portfolio

The Lance Armstrong Foundation, a non-profit corporation in Texas, has at least seventeen registered or pending trademarks on file at the U.S. Trademark Office. At least seven of these trademarks are for the mark “LIVESTRONG” used or proposed for use on or in association a number of goods and/or services. One of those marks for [...]

Modern Marvel Grand Prize Winner Announced

David Ward was named the Grand Prize Winner of the Modern Marvel Contest co-sponsored by the USPTO, the History Channel and Time Magazine. Mr. Ward was selected from over 4,000 inventors in all 50 states. His invention, the Strawjet, is a breakthrough process in creating building material from straw, providing low-cost panels from one of [...]

ALIVE: Smart bookmarks

United States Patent Number 7,051,117 issued on May 23, 2006. The patent addresses a smart bookmarking system, method, apparatus and article of manufacture. A smart bookmark article of manufacture can include both a network address pointing to the network location of content specifying a form; and, one or more field references, each field reference corresponding [...]

DEAD: Apparatus for Conveying Sewage

United States Patent Number 4,725,006 issued on February 16, 1988 for an APPARATUS FOR CONVEYING SEWAGE. The patent application was filed in May 1986–and will expire this month making the patent part of the public domain. The patent relates to a rotary pump and a rotary cutting device run off of a common drive shaft. [...]

Nike + iPod

Today, Nike and Apple announced a partnership to develop athletic accessories for the iPod nano. With the help of Apple, Nike has developed a line of clothing and athletic shoes for utilizing the iPod during cardiovascular activities. Nike developed shoes with sensors and a kit for allowing the shoes to wirelessly transmit data to an [...]

Semantics: Symantec sues Microsoft

Symantec asked a U.S. Court to enjoin Microsoft’s development of Windows Vista. Symantec alleges that Microsoft is wrongfully incorporating Symantec’s Veritas storage technology into its upcoming operating system. The two software giants are at odds over a 1996 agreement in which Veritas Software granted Microsoft the right to Use Veritas Software’s volume management technology in [...]

Congratulations to Janusz Liberkowski for Winning ABC’s American Inventor

Janusz Liberkowski won one million dollars and the title as “ABC’s First American Inventor”. It is interesting to point out that of the four finalists, Janusz was the only inventor without a full working prototype. For all you inventors out there, it should be noted that for the purposes of filing a patent application in [...]

Three New Members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Union

The following Contracting States have become members of the PCT Union under the World Intellectual Property Organization: 1) Lao People’s Democratic Republic with membership effective on June 14, 2006; 2) Honduras with membership effective on June 20, 2006; and Malaysia with membership effective on August 16, 2006. The addition of these Contracting States increases the [...]

American Idol Contestant Taylor Hicks’ Trademark Phrase "SOUL PATROL" May Soon Be Owned By Someone Else

You may notice that after every song he performs, American Idol finalist Taylor Hicks chants the words, “Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol, Soul Patrol…” This would lead me to believe that he has some merchandise sales in mind. After all, he does receive somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 million votes every week. Somebody has got [...]

Chicago Bulls’ Ben Gordon to Launch BG7 Energy Drink-Where is his Trademark?

Last night on the news, WGN-TV in Chicago featured a press conference in which Ben Gordon of the Chicago Bulls announced the launching of his new energy drink “BG7″ to apparently compete with the infamous Red Bull. Personally, I found it interesting that a young professional basketball player was apparently doing this on his own-and [...]