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Patent Letter News – Issue 15 Spring 2006

The latest quarterly issue of our newsletter is hot of the press and in the mail. You can also click here for a downloadable version of the Newsletter. ****Spoiler: The first twenty people that send in a t-shirt order form (see newsletter) will receive one of our new t-shirts for free!

A Conflict of Interest

Yesterday April 26, 2006 marked the momentous celebration of two equally important occasions here at Patents+TMS; 1) Administrative Professionals Day; and 2) World Intellectual Property Day. After all, both our administrative professionals and our clients’ intellectual property are essential to our business. To celebrate both and to overcome the conflict in scheduling, we split the [...]

A New Age for Patents+TMS, P.C.

While stepping onto the moon, Neil Armstrong reportedly made the following statement: “That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” However, upon Mr. Armstrong’s later review of the mission transcript, he realized that either he had made a mistake or he had been misquoted. Officially, NASA blamed static in the transmission for [...]